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Hello, this is Zelda! Several years have passed since Demise's defeat, and since Link and I decided to live on the Surface. Eventually we built our own town (Hylia's Village) on the outskirts of Faron Woods, where the skyloftians now live. In time, Link and I became an item and we started our own little family! So don't be shy and feel free to ask any of us - Link, Daphnes, Zellie, or I!- questions!

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Magic!Anon is here! The whole family gets turned into cute remlits for one, adorable family picture!

We saw Link with slicked back hair, can we see Zelda with a different hairstyle too? :D

Something like this perhaps?

((My wife is so pretty <3~~))

Hey Daphnes! Do you have any tips for someone beginning in archery? And what does your bow look like?


hmmm, tips… Well, one of my best tips is to concentrate! When you want to hit a target, focus on that one target. Don’t focus for too long or you might mess up your aim! Just focus, fix aim, and let it fly! Another tip is, don’t grip the bow too hard! You might skew it and it’ll mess up your shot! Relax and hold it comfortably. Your strenght should be on the hand pulling the arrow! My last but important tip… Practice, practice, practice!

Also, here is my bow (carved by my dad!)

Do your parents ever get too mushy lovey-dovey on you?

When don’t they?

But you know, after many, many years of seeing mom sad without dad, I think this was a super welcome sight…

Would you say that Zellie looks like Link's mom?

Zellie takes a lot after Link in terms of looks, so I’d say she does have a lot of her grandmother in her.

Zellie, what kind of toys do you have? stuffed animals, dolls? What is your favorite?

I have tons of stuffed animals!! My favorite is a plushie of a red loftwing mama did. She says papa’s loftwing looked like it!

Daphnes, what is the origin behind your necklace? Who made it for you and does it hold any importance to you? c:

Dad made it and gave it to me when I was born. He made it so that when I was older, it’d remind me to be brave. Of course it’s important to me!

kyoukankaku reblogged your post:
You sure proved that second expression wrong!!…

Y-You could say that, hehe….

((I'm so happy you are back!)) to the whole family: what part of the surface is your favorite? why?, Mine is Lanayru, It reminds me of my hometown.


My favorite is definitely the Field and getting to ride around on Hayai! (my horse, by the way) We may not have loftwings, but I think running around on a horse with the wind in your face is pretty close to the real thing!

Mine is Faron Woods. I guess I gravitate more to the calmer places with a lot of greenery and pleasant shadows to sleep in.

I’ve gotta say I have a fondness for Lady Faron’s lakeside. Such soothing, fresh environment.

I like the Goddess Statue Courtyard ‘cuz there’s lotsa birds and squirrels!

Link: I've always been curious, what does the Red, Green, and Blue Potions taste like? Whenever I see you drink them, it doesn't seem like you have a bitter distaste for them.


Well, they don’t taste bad at all to be honest, since they are mostly made from fruit (and insects, but they barely have a taste). Red Potion tastes a bit sugary, like medicine. Blue is a bit more mellow, like a soft fruit like the melon that grows in the Surface trees. Green has a bit more of a tangy taste.