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Hello, this is Zelda! Several years have passed since Demise's defeat, and since Link and I decided to live on the Surface. Eventually we built our own town (Hylia's Village) on the outskirts of Faron Woods, where the skyloftians now live. In time, Link and I became an item and we started our own little family! So don't be shy and feel free to ask any of us - Link, Daphnes, Zellie, or I!- questions!

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Many people asked me what happened to my parents and Zelda’s mother, as well as how Zelda and I met. These three stories are intertwined in a single tale. It is not the happiest of our stories, but it’s one of the many that tie us together. It is our very first story. 

In addition to the video above, you will find images of our parents, a well as backstories, right below.

These are my parents. My mother Dovina, and my father Larkin. She was a full time waitress at the Bazaar’s cafeteria, and a chef apprentice. Father would tell me her cooking was without equal, and would jokingly say that it was the way she found her way into his heart -  through his stomach!

Father visited the cafeteria mother worked at with his friends every evening after classes, mostly to hang out and chat, since - as a student - he had very little spending money that he got from odd jobs like patrolling the school grounds or helping the personnel at the Academy.

Mother was rather shy, but kind, and would eagerly serve my father’s table when they were there, even if they didn’t really consume anything. Eventually though, she caught my father’s eye, and he would hang around even after his friends had left, conversing and  getting to know her. In turn, she would sometimes sneak pastries for him, and would hang out after she was done with her work. A couple of years went by, and as he approached graduation, he began courting her, enamoured with her humbleness and her immensily kind heart. On her side, she found his antics lovable, and his jokes - although not very good- always brought a smile to her face. Needless to say, it wasn’t long till they became an item, and married.

They weren’t very wealthy, but they were both very hard working people, and my father excelled at many subjects, theoritcal and practical, at the Academy, which landed him in the good graces of Headmaster Gaepora, Zelda’s father. He got a job as a Rescue Knight, and through his good work, he slowly climbed his way up until he became the Captain of his own group.

A few months afterwards I showed up in their plans. They both eagerly awaited me but… Mother had a frail constitution and she died shortly after giving birth to me. My father was consumed by grief, but he was comforted by the fact that I looked almost identical to my mother save for my eyes. He said that meant that she was still with us, living through me. 

As I grew, my father made sure I knew everything about the wonderful woman my mother had been. We would go out into the fields to collect flowers for her and decorate her grave every week. On the days of her birthday, we would cook her favorite meal in memory of her, and recite a prayer for the Goddess to deliver. Even with his job as Captain, my father made his absolute best to raise me right and spend time with me.

Then, in a mission to protect Skyloft, he lost his life trying to disband a group of Skytails that had tried to ambush one of his comrades. From what I was told, the Skytails then attacked him en masse, and he was knocked off his loftwing. The bird, overwhelmed by the swarm of skytails, was unable to dive and save him in time. Cawlin’s father as well as Groose’s, also died in that mission.

As for Zelda’s mother, Loretta, she was regarded as one of the most beautiful women in Skyloft. She was the matriarch, and a teacher at the Academy at that time. When my father passed away and her family took me in, she made it very clear that she did not want me to see her as a mother, as she didn’t want me to forget my own… but despite that, she treated me as such, with kindness and patience, and egged me to find a positive outlet for my grief, which I found in practicing the wood carving my father had begun to teach me.

She was a disciplined woman, and immensily knowledgeable on a myriad of topics. She was always composed, and she carried an aura of dignity around her. She placed the welfare of her people before her own, as every good leader should, and was always in the know of the happenings in Skyloft, keeping it a nice, peaceful place.

She died in her sleep after she became afflicted with an illness that had fallen upon our town. That was one of Skyloft’s darkest periods, marred by the countless lives the Plague took. The root of the disease was discovered in the source of one of our endless water fountains. A cluster of chuchus had taken residence in there, and had polluted the water with their toxins. That had slowly poisoned more than half of the population, their symptoms silent until it was to late to treat it. Owlan discovered this and concocted an antidote with his then apprentice, Bertie, and the knights purged the chuchus from the area.  Many lives were saved with this medicine, including mine, as shortly after Zelda, I had come down with the sickness, too.

It was through all these hardships that Zelda and I became so close, so despite the dark clouds, there was a silver lining to be found.

I think for now, that is all there is to add. Questions will remain closed for a little while longer, but we hope this small episode was insightful to you!