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Hello, this is Zelda! Several years have passed since Demise's defeat, and since Link and I decided to live on the Surface. Eventually we built our own town (Hylia's Village) on the outskirts of Faron Woods, where the skyloftians now live. In time, Link and I became an item and we started our own little family! So don't be shy and feel free to ask any of us - Link, Daphnes, Zellie, or I!- questions!

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 Just a little reminiscing after the cut ~

The snow piles up on the window sills, obscuring the view from the night sky outside. We’re in the middle of winter. A light snowstorm covered the village, and we have huddled ourselves in front of the chimney in the kitchen, the wood crackling in the fire you have set up. You offer me a cushioned chair and I accept your gesture, sitting down and being immediately enveloped by the warm, fluffy blankets you lay on my shoulders.  I thank you and you go off to prepare a new concoction Piper recently came up with… what was it called again?  Ah, hot chocolate, I believe.

I snuggle in my blankets, sighing contentedly at the pleasant warmth, and laying a hand over my swollen belly, feeling around for the presence that has become more and more familiar as weeks go by.  He is really calm today. I think the winter lethargy has gotten to him, too.

You finish what you are doing and walk up to me, handing me a mug of steaming hot chocolate with one of your sweet smiles. I take it and thank you again, letting the warmth from the mug travel up my arms and down my body.  

Instead of taking a chair, you sit yourself on the floor, just in front of me, while sipping on your own chocolate and resting your back against my legs.  I stifle a chuckle and reach down with a hand to run my fingers through your messy bangs. You pull back your head, resting it on my knees and allowing me more space to massage your scalp. I can tell from your closed eyes and the satisfied smile crossing your lips that you like it.

You then turn your head slightly to look at me, smiling one of your goofy smiles, and I see your eyes shine with something akin to contentment and an almost childish glee. Like you can hardly believe this is happening to you. You take my hand and kiss my fingers before turning around and lightly resting your chin on my belly.  I caress your cheek lovingly with my hand, and see your eyelids falter. Am I making you sleepy, love? You were always such a sleepy head after all, but the kitchen feels really warm and snug, so I can’t blame you on the slightest.

You turn your head down slightly, placing your lips against my stomach. You kiss it gingerly, bringing one of your hands to gently caress my side. I give in to your soothing touch, and then feel a slight vibration on my midsection. It confuses me at the beginning but when I look down I realize you are humming.  Your lips are still against my belly while you hum softly. What a curious thing. You have always said singing was not your thing, but here you are. Are you singing to our son? It’s a nice little melody; one of our folksongs if memory serves. I’m impressed you remember such songs, as you were always quite distracted during most of our celebrations back in Skyloft.

I brush the thought away however, as the sight of you enjoying yourself soothes my heart. You continue humming for several minutes, and I suppress a gasp when I feel movement. I can tell you felt it too because you stop and your lips stretch into a big smile.

It seems our little son also likes it.

You turn your head to place your ear against my stomach, and lay your other hand on it to feel, too. Our little one seems to react to your touch and I feel him move in your direction. You sigh then, closing your eyes and caressing me with your thumb.

You look so peaceful and happy; it really makes my heart flutter seeing you like this. After our ordeal, after everything was done, you had somehow changed. Your gaze was steeled, and you were always on alert. You would still smile at me and acted sweet- like you always did- but I could feel the tension in your stance, feel how this journey had changed you, made you wary, and made you grow. Your peace of mind had been violently snatched away, and it would take years for you to go back to a semblance of what you used to be. But again, I do not blame you. I, too, had changed.

But that is in the past. This is our present.  I sink my hand in your hair again, caressing you and occasionally stroking your ear, just were you like it.  I can already feel you falling fast asleep, and let you rest against me. I worry that your posture is going to make you hurt when you wake up, but you look so peaceful, so incredibly relaxed and content, that I cannot bring myself to move you. So I let you sleep.

I love you.